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Our Strategy

Analyse > Plan > Design > Create > Revise > Launch > Monitor
By adhering to our Company Statement and Strategy we deliver the
best possible service and results. It's instinctive.

Our Company Statement

Creative Instincts is an inspired web and graphic design company in Perth which focuses on
down-to-earth service excellence for small and medium business.

We embrace intuition and creativity to establish and nurture your online and print branding.

We listen.

Why Choose Creative Instincts?

> We strive for service excellence and nurture you throughout the process. We focus on you and more importantly, your customers.

> All inclusive, one low price. We design a package to suit your needs and budget. There are
no hidden extras or nasty surprises at the end.

> No sales staff = no commissions. You deal directly with the designers, allowing us to pass the cost benefits on to you.

> We specialise in small to medium businesses and understand their needs and cash flow constraints.

> High Quality End Result. Our passion means we won't rest until you are 100% satisfied.

> Our projects flow because they are meticulously planned and well executed. You won't find yourself waiting for us to get back to you or hic cups along the way. We identify and solve issues early before they become problems so you don't have to.

Our Strategy

All our projects, regardless of size or nature, follow our tried and tested strategy. This ensures consistent quality and service delivery:

Firstly, we get to know you. We delve into your business by asking questions about what you do, who your customers are, and define your marketing goals. We also research your competitors. We listen to your requests and make sure we understand exactly what you hope to achieve.

Next, we determine the project scope and plan accordingly. We also plan the website layout and site map (or the equivalent for any other project).

Whether we are creating a website, logo, print design or otherwise, a draft design is created at this step and submitted for your perusal. We then obtain feedback and discuss any changes you have in mind.

This is the point where everything comes to life – we are now ready to implement the plans and design the final product.

Next, we make adjustments based on testing and client feedback. This will include revisions ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Website Go-Live, handover of logo files, SEO implementation etc. Whatever the project, this is where the end product is delivered to you.

Our service doesn't stop when your project is launched. We implement Continual Improvement techniques to monitor, evaluate and improve our services so your project continues working hard for you long after its launch date.


From Our Clients

"Where other designers struggled,
Todd managed to nail the brief and
deliver exactly what we were looking
for. He has also taken care of all
on-going maintenance."

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